A contemporary, mixed media artist, Nancy Hamlin-Vogler approaches art making through observation and intuition, finding inspiration in her backyard studio, fortuitous discoveries and memories of worldwide backpacking travels. Her process involves painting and drawing on heavy rag paper, combining acrylic paints, pastel, charcoal/graphite, silkscreened and rice paper elements. Her style is marked by a nuanced interruption of the subject matter, moving back and forth from a recognizable entity to a reality that becomes a fabricated mirror of itself – a magical illusion.

Kitchen Still Life Bouquet.jpg
Where Blue Meets Green



In 2020, I was recognized with an Art Ventures grant from The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. Thrilled with this validation, I immersed myself into the Backyard Studio Kitchen, a contemporary still life series informed by the natural and collected objects I see in my daily life. I chose to stay rooted in the same subject matter throughout the pandemic, an exploration in which studio ephemera were examined to the point of boredom, revealing their intrinsic beauty.

Worlds Apart
Strange Birds Nancy Hamlin Vogler