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Nancy Hamlin Vogler - Florida - If Not Now When.jpg

A contemporary, mixed media artist, Nancy Hamlin-Vogler approaches art making through observation and intuition, finding inspiration in her backyard studio, fortuitous discoveries and memories of worldwide backpacking travels. Her process involves painting and drawing on rag paper or canvas, combining acrylic paints, pastel, charcoal/graphite, silkscreened and rice paper elements. Her style is marked by a nuanced interruption of the subject matter, moving back and forth from a recognizable entity to a reality that becomes a fabricated mirror of itself – a magical illusion.

Kitchen Still Life Bouquet.jpg
Where Blue Meets Green
Nancy Hamlin-Vogler - Drift

"DRIFT” acrylic, pastels, pasted papers. archival prints available.

Strange Birds Nancy Hamlin Vogler
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