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Hamlin-Vogler attended Wells College (B.A. in Modern Languages) and learned the screen printing process while earning her M.A. in French literature at the University of Maine. The seduction of obscure twentieth century authors gradually gave way to a curious captivation with making colorful, identical prints, including a series of fine art greeting cards. She established Northern Kingdom Printworks, exhibited her serigraphs and drawings in Maine galleries, and created some of the first designs that have become the trademark of her card company.


Nancy left Maine and the USA in 1979 for a backpacking trip around the world; creating written and painted journals, collecting kitchen utensils, and gathering a wealth of experience to enrich life’s journey and fuel her creative resources. She returned two years later to resettle in Colorado and reestablish the card business as Eastern Sun Printworks, nominated five times for the prestigious Louie Finalist award. The family moved to St. Augustine in 1988, where they continue to enjoy the history and inspiration of this small city. After 35 years of hard work and accomplishment in printmaking, she has converted the cards to digital format and refocused her time in order to make art and appreciate her backyard studio near the Fountain of Youth. Visit Eastern Sun Printworks to view her line of available greeting cards.  

In 2020, Hamlin-Vogler was recognized with an Individual Art Ventures grant from The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, to explore the contemporary still life genre. “Thrilled with this honor, I became immersed in a ‘Backyard Studio Kitchen’ series in which studio ephemera and my immediate environment appear in diverse contexts: abstracted, realistic, with a real or imagined location.”  The artist treats her subjects intriguingly, mixing her favorite materials – paints, pastels, collage elements, recycled old work – leaving the viewer often hanging by a thread yet satisfied without a resolution. 


With numerous awards in outdoor Florida juried shows, she is active in the local art scene, serving as a Managing Member of the iconic co-op gallery, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, and exhibiting member of the St. Augustine Art Association. For the past twenty years she has co-directed art workshops led by her mentor extraordinaire, Jacksonville artist Louise Freshman Brown. 

 “Reality has to be digested, it has to be transmuted by Paint. It has to be given a twist of some kind.”   


- R.Diebenkorn

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Greeting Cards

Visit Eastern Sun Printworks to view an exquisite line of fine art greeting cards

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